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Shawn Sage Natalie Marti
Natalie Marti
The Marti Car drunk driving accident crash killed fatality

Natalie Marti's story begins on February 27th 2003 when she, her husband, and daughter, were traveling home on the freeway.  As they neared their exit, they were struck head on by a drunk driver at 98 mph going the wrong way on the freeway.  The combined impact of their car with his truck instantly killed her husband and daughter and left Natalie clinging to life. Natalie was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit and there fell into a coma. 


After three weeks lying in a coma, unable to breathe on her own, Natalie slowly regained consciousness.  She worked hard with her therapists and over time was able to regain her physical and mental strength.  Despite her miraculous recovery, Natalie's heart remains broken.  


Since her recovery Natalie decided to return to college at Boise State and received a degree in Communications in 2009.  She is a founder and executive director of the non-profit Be Safe & Sober


She speaks on various motivational topics from overcoming trials to forgiving and finding happiness in life.  Her audiences have included: grade school through seniors, drivers education classes, substance abuse classes, juvenile corrections, DUI victim panels, church groups, motivational seminars, police training seminars, IDOC seminars, traffic safety seminars,  first responders seminars, and hospital seminars.  She has spoken to audiences in California, Idaho, Oregon, Nebraska, Nevada, and Utah.



"Natalie Marti is a true inspiration to everyone who is lucky enough to meet her. Her story of physical AND emotional survival is something we can all learn from. No matter who she speaks to, adults or teenagers - Natalie's powerful message hits home, touches lives, and makes a difference."


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 I watch teens and parents with shocked faces want to know how a person who has lost so much can give so much to make this world a better place.  She will be an inspiration to those who've lost their loved ones to know that they can rebuild a life and thrive. Natalie is one of my favorite people on earth. Meet her and you'll see why."


 Executive Director of the National Association of Social Workers

"I have had the pleasure to know Natalie and hear her speak.  Listening to her story of overcoming, adversity, forgiving, and perseverance was immensely motivating and inspiring.  I knew I needed to have Natalie speak to our staff and our inmates so they could experience her inspiring story."


 Director of Idaho Department of Corrections



Copy of Bold Letters Short Story Book Co

DISRUPTED retells the remarkable story of Natalie Marti, who was left clinging to life after a head-on collision with a drunk driver that killed her husband and daughter. 

In vivid detail, Natalie shares the ups and downs of her relationship with Shawn, from their first date to the horrific crash that killed Shawn and Sage. She retells her struggle to accept her new life, the difficulties associated with her traumatic brain injury and broken body, the emotionally crippling loss of her husband and daughter, and the freeing power she discovered in forgiveness. 

DISRUPTED gives hope and encouragement to anyone facing challenges-big or small. Her journey will remind you of the preciousness of life, the joy in small achievements, the power of perseverance, and the importance of forgiveness in a world where the plans we have for our lives are often disrupted.



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