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Christmas time is busy for the most of us. This last Christmas was no different for me. On December 22, I received a surprising message on Facebook. This message was from a woman I had never met, but knew her name very well. She was married to Edgar and I had thought about her often. I couldn't imagine how much her life changed as she has had to live with the knowledge of her husband driving drunk and taking the lives of my husband and daughter. I wondered of the loneliness she must be feeling as she has had to live and raise her sons without her husband as he serves time in prison. I had the desire to talk to her a few times, but each time remembered Edgar telling me when we first met that he doesn't hear from her and that she has probably moved on to someone else. Remembering those words he spoke stopped me each time I wanted to get in touch with her. Maybe she had married again and was putting it all behind her. ? I wanted to respect this stranger. I opened up my Facebook messages this day in December and read: "I am sorry for everything in your life. I am Edgar's wife. I wish that time would go back to that moment and none of this would have ever happened. I apologize for everything that happened and everything you had to go through." I couldn't believe it!! I was thrilled and grateful for her message to me. I wrote her back right away thanking her for her kind message and telling her I was very happy to hear from her. I told her I hope she had been blessed with peace and comfort. Sending and receiving Facebook messages with her was something I looked forward to every day. I came to learn we both had the desire to meet and talk face-to-face. She told me of the set-back we would have because she doesn't speak much English, but her cousin could translate for us. We set a place, date, and time to meet. It couldn't get there fast enough for me. I was beyond excited to meet this woman. As I walked into the diner we agreed to meet at and I saw her sitting at a table with her cousin. What a beautiful woman! She stood up and I hugged her. We talked for an hour and a half and she expressed how sorry she was she wasn't able to grab the keys from her husband the night both of our lives changed. I could see the unnecessary guilt she carried in her eyes. I wished I could take it away from her. This woman touched my life more than I imagined possible. I hope she knows how grateful I am she had the courage to message me. I pray she will blessed with all she is in need of and that God will continue to take care of her and her sons.

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