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A Miracle

Have you ever experienced a moment in life where something unexplained or extraordinary happened? Are these moments in our lives purely coincidental, or are they directed by a higher power who has a plan for us? I was raised in a home that taught me to love God by learning about Him and His character, and to look for the ways He has been involved in my life. When I discover these miraculous moments of grace from God; I know God exists, I feel loved by God despite my shortcomings, and I know that what happens to me in life is part of God's plan.  Here is one of those moments:

When I was a junior in high school, three of my friends, Stephanie, Emilee, and Mindy, and I traveled north to stay at my parent’s cabin for the weekend in December. I loved being with these friends. The four of us had a lot of similarities as we were the same age, religion, and loved to have fun. The drive got off to a great start.  We had our favorite songs playing in the background while we talked about our lives, boys,  and asked each other for advice for our problems. 

The road started out to be very clear and free from snow and ice, but as we drove into the canyon and the road became windy, snow began to fall and blanket the road. Knowing the road could become slick at any moment, I slowed my speed and was as cautious as I could be as I slowly turned the steering wheel when the road demanded it.

With each continued mile and curve, the road became more slick causing me to slow down even more and to grip the steering wheel tighter. The window wipers moved swiftly, fighting to clear the snow from the windshield, as we made our way further in the canyon.  I saw another switchback up ahead, and I began tapping the brakes.  I held the steering wheel even tighter, hoping it would keep us from sliding as I slowly turned the wheel, trying to round a tight curve in the narrow road. This time, the car didn’t respond the way it was supposed to. This time the steering wheel locked, keeping me from turning the car with the curve.

Panicked, I saw we were now heading straight for the edge of a 30 foot drop-off with a frozen river below. I pressed on the brakes harder and more intently but found no give-the brakes were locked too! My breathing became faster and loud as thoughts of dying played out in my head. The car continued sliding, nearing the edge of the drop-off, and within a foot of going over the edge, the car suddenly stopped and turned completely off.  After the fear and shock had drained from me,  I turned my head to look at my friends. 

Stunned and shaken, we all sat in silence. Each of us knew a miracle had just taken place. When I was finally able to speak, we recounted what had happened with the car, and the miracle that had taken place in stopping it. With the drop-off only a short twelve inches away, it was obvious to each of us that a miracle had happened.

Emilee asked, "Can you guys feel that?"

Stephanie answered, "Yes...I can."

I broke down crying, shaking my head "yes".  We all could feel it.  The love God had for us filled us with warmth and comfort and confirmed to us that God knows each of us, loves us, and had intervened to save our lives.


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